Terms of Service

  1. We (The Staff) reserve the right to revoke service for, but not limited to:
    • Malicious use or abuse of CouchBot, or it's related services.
    • Circumvention of protections put in place to prevent service degradation.
    • Use of the bot to break or abuse Discord's Terms of Service.
    • Non-Payment.
    • In the case of service revocation, not settings will be retained and will, outside of a grace period for non-payment, immediately be wiped from the CouchBot infrastructure.
  2. If services are shared with multiple server owners (not recommended - but you do you), note:
    • We will not assist/support anyone other than the CouchBot Subscriber.
    • We are not responsible for CouchBot Subscriber removing his service from your server.
    • We will not mediate disagreements or issues, and will remove the parties from our community server.
    • If issues continue, service will be removed.
  3. Services are subject to change at any point.
    • Announcements will only consistently be made on the community Discord server ().
    • Announcements will be inconsistently be made on the CouchBot Twitter account ().
    • There will be a weekly scheduled maintenance every Saturday Night from 11pm - 12am. During this time, updates will be made to the Bots infrastructure. This may include a server reboot and bot downtime.
    • Commands and Features will be modified, changed, and may be removed - the only time without notice will be in cases where service and issues may impact other users.
  4. In the unlikely event of a future shutdown (I'm with you til the cushions fall off now, fam :couchlove:), pending payments will be terminated and any paid time will not be refunded.