CouchBot’s website has always been .. lacking. Sure, it did what it needed to do – however, that wasn’t enough. A dashboard has always been a highly desired thing .. but to be honest, I’m not a front end guy. Could I grab a template, toss up some APIs, and make it work? Sure. But I think things are super manageable within Discord itself. And keeping us in Discord is kind of my goal. That being said – this new site should allow us to do some neat things! I won’t lie – it’s obviously built on a CMS, it’s got plugins, it’s got a store front, and it’s got some potential… and the overhead isn’t a ton! Which allows me to focus on new bot features.

The current plan is to get this thing polished, provide staff info, a place to get stickers to you folks, and then look into offering CouchBot directly through the website .. all while ideating, developing, and pushing CouchBot’s growth.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns – never hesitate to reach out to me on Discord!

– Matt :couchlove: